Welcome to Western New England University's crowdfunding platform.

This website serves as a tool for Western New England University alumni and friends to support good causes at the university - causes that will make a positive impact on campus and on the student experience.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is sponsorship by a crowd of many donors, each making an individual, small donation to help you succeed. It works best when you put your energy into reaching out and talking about your project with people who are most likely to help.

What is Hubbub?

Hubbub is a crowdfunding platform which powers this website. Hubbub provides this platform so we can showcase projects to a potentially huge audience, making projects easy to share and giving sponsors an easy way to donate.

What kind of projects are suitable?

Projects need to support the mission of Western New England University. If you have an idea for a project, please run it by your division's senior leadership and then contact Cassandra Deal, Development Specialist at 413-782-1400 or cassandra.deal@wne.edu . Details you'll want to be prepared with include: a description of what you want to do, a fundraising target and completion date. Images and videos will also bring your project to life, so we suggest you be as creative as possible! The Advancement Office approves all projects and can provide further policies and guidelines.

I just gave to a project -- now what?

If you support a project, you will automatically receive updates about it. You can also interact directly with the team behind the project by leaving a comment or sending them a message.

Are there any fees?

Western New England University covers the costs of processing payments so 100% of the donations go directly to the project.

Find out more about giving to Western New England.

To learn more about the positive impacts of philanthropic giving to Western New England University, please visit www.wne.edu/giving.