National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

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Make yourselves proud and enjoy your learning experiences.

Good luck and best wishes!

Good luck with the conference.

Best of luck and safe travels to your conference! Dean Hart-Steffes

A have great learning experience!!

Donation by Carol & Richard

On behalf of the faculty and students in the OTD Program at WNE, we support your enthusiasm and quest for knowledge. Make the most of your conference participation. Get in touch with our SOTA (Student OT Association) and maybe you can co-sponsor an event to highlight the areas of synergy between occupational therapy and engineering, e.g. designing/fabricating assistive technology to help individuals with disabilities live more functional and productive lives? Dr. Cathy Dow-Royer Chair/Founding Director OTD Program

Have a great time at the conference, make some connections and bring back some good tips!

Thank you cuz!!! Love you too!!

So proud of you Alaina! Love ya! - Teresita

On behalf of the Smith Family very proud of you Alaina! - Rudell