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Thank you Professor Statchen, Marie, and my amazing colleague / clinic associate with whom I worked for the duration of the clinic. This was a truly challenging and rewarding experience. (Professor Statchen, you rock for the amount of energy and effort you put into making sure our work product was top-notch.)

Thanks to Tina Cafaro and the Criminal Law Clinic!

Proud Crim Law Clinic alum!

From a proud Criminal Law Clinic alum.

I've heard rumors that the Criminal Clinic alumni think they can raise more money than the Small Business Clinic alumni. As the SBC prof, I had only heard rumors of some kind of Crim Clinic, but I am absolutely sure the SBC alum will prevail in this contest and we will all enjoy seeing Professor Cafaro doing a 20 minute infomercial extolling the virtues and unparalleled benefits and quality of the SBC.

I loved my clinical experiences both Crim & Real Estate!

The Clinic does amazing work and supports our communities. Great job...

I will not be able to donate on the 6th or 7th, due to scheduling issues. I hope my donation for the weekend prior will count towards the challenge grants.

Western New England provides its students with unparalleled clinical opportunities. I am grateful graduate of several of WNE Law's clinical programs and am happy to support this programming.