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Help WNE Baja build this year's car and compete!

What is the WNE Mini Baja Club?

The SAE Baja is a club on campus that focuses on building, accelerating, and improving students' design, business and teamwork skills. SAE Baja is hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers. SAE tasks colleges worldwide to design, manufacture, and compete at one or more of their three yearly competitions with an off-road vehicle. At these competitions, the Baja vehicle is tested to its limits in an acceleration test, suspension course, maneuverability course, hill climb, and a four-hour endurance race. In addition to the testing of the Baja car at the competition, SAE challenges teams to present their design in a vigorous review session and to pitch 4000 units of their built vehicle to mock investors in a sales presentation. The WNE Baja team accomplishments include finishing 15th place overall against 100 teams worldwide in the 2018 SAE Maryland competition and being the first team in the United States (and second in the world) to implement at competition a very new transmission technology called an Electronically Controlled Variable Transmission.

Why should you donate?

There are currently over 20 students in the WNE Baja club, about half of whom are first year students, who need your help! Donating will allow the team to cover the cost of many items for this year's Mini Baja car and the cost of competition.

Competition is not just competing

SAE Baja competition is not just about competing with our car. The event also helps students develop presentation skills by requiring all teams to do a Shark Tank-style pitch to sell the car to mock investors. At competition there are also many companies ready to hire or give internships to students on the spot. Former and current students from Western New England have worked at Ford, Volvo, Pratt and Whitney and more as a result of being a part of Baja and going to competitions.

what will your generosity go towards?

Safety Equipment: $2,000.00

    All our current safety equipment has expired and we are required to buy new equipment, or we cannot compete.

In Helmet Style Radios: $1,500.00

    Currently we only have 2 walkie-talkies, and they do not work very well. These helmets would be a huge help to our team communication during competition.

2 Sets of Shocks: $4,000.00

    Both of our Baja cars need new shocks.

2 New Fuel Tanks: $500.00

    This year there is a new higher volume fuel tank available. Adding it to our car allows us to stay competitive, especially during the four hour endurance race.

New Engine: $250.00

    This will not only help us prepare for next year when the cars are all required to have 4 wheel drive, but it will also ensure that if one of our current engines break we will have a replacement and something to test with.

Registration for Each Competitor: $1,300.00

Competition Expenses for each competitor $5,000.00

    This includes things like gas, hotels, food, and other travel expenses.

Rims and Tires: $600.00

    Our rims and tires are beaten up pretty badly so we need new ones for both cars.

New Battery: $200.00

    This new battery would allow us to do more electronic things with the car and help with future advancements.

Display $300.00

    This in-steering wheel display would help us immensely when driving the car during competition.

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel: $200.00

    This new steering wheel will reduce the weight of the wheel while also making it more sturdy.

And More!

Help us succeed!

Please share this project with everyone that you know, even if you cannot donate, sharing this project can make sure that someone else that can, has the opportunity to do so. Sharing this project will help make this a very successful year for the WNE Baja Golden Bear Racing Club!

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